Delhi Public School Surat

Under the aegis of DPS Society New Delhi. (CBSE Affiln. No.430056)

Our tiniest learners occupy this section of school. In an ideal world, children ought to spend these years under the fond guidance of grandparents and parents, for the first mores of socialization are best learnt under family guidance.

However, reality dictates otherwise, with children barely three years old or less, being rushed off to school, where they are force fed the alphabet, writing and computing skills, all in a foreign language. All this in aid of gaining admission to a reputed school!

It is to save at least some children from this aberration in nature, that DPS Surat opened its pre primary wing. Admission here is based on child friendly observation measures free of tests and interviews. Learners in our Pre Primary Wing meet smiling, bi-lingual teachers, who are interested in every aspect of their lives, in and outside school, thus creating a seamless interface between the warm friendly home and the new and alien school. Thus begins the Learning Partnership between School, Home and Learner.

Children at this age are not expected to read, write and count, though parents do wish for these skills and hence we include them in the syllabus. We are more interested in ensuring that children learn how to interact in a group, learn social skills, make new friends and have plenty of chances to imbibe learning while unconscious of any strain.

Thus, school is a microcosm of the outside world, with children gently being inducted into the social, moral, ethical and aesthetic norms that have shaped human civilization to the present day. All academic and co curricular activities are geared to this one real end.